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For a happy & healthy team

The new hybrid workplace is a challenge in many ways. How to stay connected? How to do something for the team when you don’t see them? How to prevent burnout and physical symptoms of stress?
We offer various options for well-being in the workplace, both online and face to face. Contact us for a tailored proposal.

  • There are multiple health benefits of yoga:
    overall strength & flexibility, stronger immune system, calmer nervous system, better posture, better sleep.
  • Yoga and meditation have a proven impact on the brain:
    increased stress resistance, better able to focus and more.
  • Everyone can do it regardless of age or level of fitness.

The employees of following organisations already enjoyed our Sampoorna Yoga benefits: 
Accenture, VBO/FBE, Deloitte, Insight Technology Solutions, JBC, Stad Brussel and many more. Is your organisation next ?

Yoga classes

  • In person in-office or live online
  • Exclusively for for your team or company
  • At any time of the day: morning, lunchtime, after-work.
  • All instructors are certified (min. YA200hrs).
  • We teach in English, Dutch and French.
  • We can help in sourcing yoga mats or other equipment at affordable prices.

Happy hours

We facilitate interactive, live-online or face-to-face sessions on health-focused themes for companies.
You can choose for a one-off or a series of sessions with themes such as

  • Well-being break at your desk (office yoga)
  • Power of positivity
  • Nutrition for good mood and energy
  • Improving your sleep
  • Your life balance
  • Your mind needs focus & unfocus