Shiatsu Day – 9 Feb 2014

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Shiatsu Day

Discover the potential of relaxation, healing and joy in the human touch

Our hands are not just for typing, holding the mobile phone and eating; they are also sensitive, sophisticated tools to be in touch with each other. 
In this workshop a few easy but powerful techniques will be introduced. No previous experience is required. We will practice awareness of tension and relaxation in the body and awareness of the breath (your own and your partner’s). Step by step, techniques are demonstrated and directly practiced with each other.
When: Sunday 9 February 2014 at 10:00-17:00
With: Vyasa Ameeuw, certified Shiatsu practitioner and Sampoorna yoga teacher
Price: 60€ single, 100€ couple
You can join this workshop alone or with a friend/partner.

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