The Jewel of Yoga Workshop: The Yang – 2 March 2014

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The Yang – Leading your body with your breath: The marriage of breath and movement

The breath can assist us with difficulties but can also help lead the way towards new possibilities. Through Yang Asana and Pranayama you will learn how to clearly align with your intentions and intelligently use your breath in the insightful process of transforming your body without force.

When: Sunday 2 March at 9:00-12:00

With: Igor & Jenny, visiting teachers from The Jewel of Yoga

Price: 120 euro for the full workshop (3 sessions), 45 euro for one session

Registrations: email


Jenny and Igor’s road to spirituality has been paved by different teachers, traditions and schools. They entered into Yoga by Krisnamacharya’s door, through Ashtanga Vinyasa, loved the feeling of commiting to practice and that of giving movement to the meditative procces . Digging deeper with Vipassana meditation and Tibetan Buddhism, they felt the need to slow down the practice and work with softer Hatha Yoga styles, such as Yin and slow flow, giving breath awareness a central space in their practice. They teach Yoga and give Shiatsu massage at The Lightroom, in the Portuguese Algarve and now they offer their teachings to all through The Jewel of Yoga: their in depth Yoga and Mindfulness retreats.

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