Intro to Acro Yoga with Joe Barnett, 12 OCT 2013

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Acro Yoga - Joe Barnett E-RYT 500

Introduction to Acro Yoga with Joe Barnett (E-RYT 500)

In Acro Yoga we plant a seed of Yogic Consciousness in the Field of Partner/Ensemble Acrobatics and watch what grows.
As with all of Yoga, the practice has Sun (Ha) and Moon (Tha) aspects.

The Moon practice includes therapeutic applications such as Flying Massage and Assisted Yin Yoga Stretching.
The Sun practice is dynamic and playful: sometimes full of vigour, inversions and core strength; sometimes effortlessly fluid and creative; and always a good time.
Both approaches develop connection, trust, communication.
Both approaches can be very aesthetically pleasing to observe, on the streets and in the park we tend to draw a crowd. Yet both approaches are at the core a Functional and Experimental Practice more than an Aesthetic one.

First steps:
•    the foundational language
•    functional principals

Final steps:
•    see what happens when a group of Yogis gather with their unique physical proportions and energetic beings to build Yoga Asanas which are much bigger and more beautiful than one body can create alone.

The bridge between these steps, we build together by smoothly juggling moments of observation, discussion and full-steam action.


Joe Barnett, E-RYT 500, has been teaching for over a decade and has certifications in Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Acro Yoga. His primary focus of study is Functional Anatomy for Yoga and all forms of movement. Joe is a senior student of Paul Grilley, a true Yogi Scientist who is largely responsible for the current rise in the popularity of Yin Yoga and Functional Anatomy.
Joe now travels nationally and internationally year round, assisting his teacher as well as offering his own presentations at studios and conferences all over the world.


When: Saturday 12 October 2013, from 15:00 – 18:00

Price: 45€


Workshop Cancellation Policy : cancellation with full refund until 48 hours before. After that no refund is possible. Thank you for understanding.

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