Health – Therapies overview

Ayurvedic Massage with Katrien Maes (

As a certified Ayurvedic therapist Katrien helps people to reconnect with their body, by means of bodywork – Ayurvedic massages and food advice.

Stress related problems – both physically and mentally-, burn-out-symptoms and digestion problems are her main specialities. Next to her Ayurveda education in the School of Ayurveda in Gent and by doctors in India she followed several courses in macrobiotics, orthomoleculair medicine, shiatsu, pregnancy massage, Vipassana silent meditation and yoga.

Since 2003 she has a private practice; currently in Brussels, Lennik and Antwerp. After several years combining this practice with other parttime jobs she is now fully focused on her private practice, cooking lessons, guest tables, teaching and projects with partners such as Iyengar yoga Antwerp, Bozar, Sampoorna yoga studio, Brussels Mindfulness Institute, Brussels Yoga loft and others.

She is a Dutch-speaking Belgian, living in Brussels. Next to her work and family life she likes to run, to spend time in nature or in a vibrant city, to read or to go for yoga, silence and meditation.

Treatment schedule + price

You can book an Ayurvedic massage with Katrien at the studio on Tuesdays and Fridays.

One hour – 65 euro

Ayurvedic oil massage harmonises the body and mind, and can help to

  • reduce aches and pains
  • alleviate stress and fatigue
  • stimulate circulation and strengthen the nervous system
  • improve digestion and stimulate detoxification
  • strengthen the immune system
  • make the skin stronger, smooth and supple
  • improve sleep


Energy Healing with Kris Depotter

What to expect in an Energy Healing session:


We begin with a conversation to determine where you are in the moment.

Kris intuitively tunes into your energy field and plays the gong according to what he senses is going on within you and according to what healing might be needed. For example, when he tunes in, he can sense which emotions are present; whether it be sadness or tensions, what you may be holding onto and where the energy may not be in balance, blocked or leaking.

After playing the gong he begins channelling universal energy that exists out of Light, Love and information. Kris always works in cooperation with your higher self, and on occasion, guides, angels, or archangels are present helping reinforce the healing process.

To close the session we have a conversation about what went on during the session, what messages came through and what he worked on.

Energy Healing can help with:

·   reducing stress

·   calming the mind

·   bringing balance and harmony

·   a general sense of wellbeing

·   better sense of Self

You can book an Energy Healing session with Kris at the studio on Wednesdays (every 2 weeks).

 One hour – 65 euro


About Kris Depotter:

“An inner calling led me to seek answers and discover True Meaning. I explored many disciplines on my journey; including Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Esoteric Healing, Quantum Touch Healing, Mediumship, different forms of Yoga including Kundalini and Therapeutic Restorative Yoga. Energetic and Sound Healing, and Hypnotherapy.

In our lives there may be many things going on; divorce, illness, the loss of your business , your job or loved one. Or it could simply be a stressful period in your life. Energy Healing in these moments can support you, and help to bring clarity and truth.

My goal and focus in the Energy Healing session is completely tailored to assist you to come into your own power and to allow you to discover your true self, your potential and that which brings you the most joy and freedom.”


Integrative Life & Well-Being Coaching with Caroline Griffith

Integrative Life and Well-Being Coaching provides the motivation and guidance for your personal growth to improve your relationships, careers and life by helping you to increase self-awareness and wake up to your dreams.

Integrative life and wellbeing coaching sessions will guide you in exploring, exposing, and transforming the limitations that exist outside of your conscious awareness so that you can achieve your desires and live your Truth and vision.

Through our coaching conversations I support you in your inner exploration and development whether it is in deepening your yoga, meditation or wellness practice. A holistic approach means acknowledging many aspects of well-being that go beyond an attention to physical health. It requires an approach that integrates mind, body, and spirit to facilitate you living your highest potential and your Dharma.

You can book a coaching session with Caroline at the studio on Wednesdays (every 2 weeks).

One hour – 75 euro


About Caroline Griffith:

Caroline started her career in Canada in the social service sector as a crisis counsellor and group facilitator. In her current work she focuses on helping individuals awaken to the wisdom of their full potential, their authentic voice and awareness and then to bring this wisdom to bear in their day-to-day reality. Caroline holds an MSc in clinical psychology, an MA in Applied Psychology and a certificate in social counselling. Caroline is also a qualified Coaching Training Institute (CTI) coach and in her day job works as an executive coach and facilitator and a coach supervisor. Caroline is a Level 1 Kundalini Yoga teacher, Yin Yoga teacher and Restorative Yoga teacher and Restorative Therapeutic Practioner. Caroline practices and teaches holistic healing techniques for health and wellbeing. Caroline has lived and worked Belgium for 20 years. She works in both English and French.