Asana Challenge: Yoga Bootcamp Workout, 2 March 2014

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Challenge your practice !

The Asana Challenge classes on the first Sunday of each month are long asana classes with a special theme to grow further in your asana practice by learning new poses step-by-step, and by going deeper into specific asanas.

This month’s theme: Yoga Bootcamp Workout!

A super intensive, fast-paced, challenging 2-hour yoga class that will definitely get you out of “tamas” (state of inertia) and invigorate, strengthen and cleanse both body and mind!

When: Sunday 2 March 2014, at 10:00-12:00

With: Eknath

Price: 20 euro (or 1 class in your yoga pass plus 5 euro)

Registration: email to info(at)

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