Asana Challenge: Inversions, 6 April 2014

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Our monthly Asana Challenge in April focuses on inversions (headstand, shoulderstand, plow).

The monthly Asana Challenge classes help you grow in your yoga practice by focusing on a specific theme, and learning challenging postures step by step.

We will explore and strengthen the muscles needed for safe inversions, and gradually build up towards the headstand. More experienced students will be challenged to try out variations of the headstand. We will also work on the shoulderstand, addressing individual challenges to improve the pose and gain its full benefits.

This session is for everyone – you don’t need to be able to do the headstand to join!

When: Sunday 6 April at 13:00-15:00

With: Hanna

Price: 20 euro, or one tick in your yoga card plus 5 euro

Registrations: info(at)

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